Friday, 9 March 2012

Priorities in Life

Have you ever had someone explain to you how life can be represented as a 24 hour clock?

Basically you add up all the hours you spend doing essential things like sleeping, eating, going to school and even grooming and from that you start to understand how little time we all have.

Even by the age of 25 you will have lived 213,600 hours but taking out school, sleeping and eating you will only of had 6.2 years ‘spare time’!!!

The average life expectancy of a man in the UK is 77.7 years, and if you represent that life as a 24 hour clock spare time only accounts for 4 hours! 

So the question is what are you going to do with your 4 hours?

You know it’s never too late to start doing something new.

At the age of 93 Theodore Francis Green retired from the U.S. Senate. At that time, he was the oldest senator in the history of the institution.

At the age of 93 P.G. Wodehouse worked on his 97th novel, got knighted, and then died.

Strom Thurmond, the longest-serving senator in U.S. history, won re-election after promising not to run again at age 99.

At the age of 85 Caleb in the Bible said – Give me my mountain!

It’s also never too late to start again if trials have hit you,. Simon Cowell was bankrupted at 35! And look at him now.

What will you do with your 4 hours??

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