Thursday, 26 April 2012

Overcoming Cynicism

Most of us at some stage in life have said we don’t want to grow old and cynical.

When we were younger most of us probably observed older people and commented how cynical or bitter they are towards life. We vowed we would never end up like them.

Some of us probably have parents that have become like this, it may express itself as constant negativity with simple comments like – “you can’t have a slate floor, everything you drop will break” or they may constantly make judgements on the church you attend “The people that go there are so pretentious and fake”  

For me, i used to be rather negative about the Church and Christians and if I was to put a label on it I would say I beame rather cynical, i am glad this has changed recently! Others may become cynical about Faith itself, they may have been a Christian all their lives but now face an illness and been prayed for and healing hasn’t come and so they question their faith and ultimately whether God exists at all.  

Even as Christians we can find ourselves saying "Why bother?"  or "There's no use trying” This is just the way it is."  You see, when hope fades, cynicism is often waiting in the wings and it is something we all need to deal with before it takes over our lives and we lose our passion, joy and sense of wonder.  One person put it like this "Cynicism is cancer of the spirit. The bad cells of sarcasm attack the good cells of hope and, if undiagnosed, will eventually destroy them."

So what has this got to do with you? Well as an  individually I want to encourage you to keep running the race for which God has called us to with hope.  This hope is anchored and rooted in Faith and rests in God and God's promises, even if we don’t see the visible signs today.

You have to remind yourself that we are all human and work in progress, 'At all times,' Jesus declared, 'we should pray' and not 'lose heart,'

God will complete the work that has been started in you. In Him we have everything we need. We need to replace the cynicism in our lives with hope, faith and love.
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So if you find yourself been cynical – read the word.


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