Tuesday, 11 October 2011

There's a Party....but you're not invited

Do you ever feel that the world is tuning, there's parties everywhere but you are never invited?

Its one of the things we have struggled with most since moving from Yorkshire to Berkshire almost 8 years ago.

But its somthing we have learned to live with. As i was thinking about this earlier today i thought of David in the Bible, when Samuel came to look for the next King.

In 1 Samuel 16 we read how Samuel came to Bethlehem under the guise of offering a sacrafice.  This would have been a tremedous event which everyone in Bethlehem would be aware of and be excited about.

Its like a party that is happending and all your friends are invited and excited about.

At this particular 'Party' Jesse invites all his sons except David.

David would be fully aware of the party as he sat in the field looking after the sheep.

Unknown to David, Samuel is searching him out as he is presented to each of Jesse's sons. Finally Jesse says to Samuel  “There is still the youngest,” . “He is tending the sheep.” 

Jesse probably thought...We didnt invite David he's the little Kid, insignificant, he's part of the Family but we didnt invite him to the party, we thought he would prefer looking after the sheep.

You see, even when you arent invited to the Party...God wants you there. Your name is on the VIP list.

There is a Party and You ARE invited.

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