Friday, 18 May 2012

Pentecost Festival - 18-27th May

Pentecost Festival is a Christian led festival based in London. It is co-coordinated by registered charity, Share Jesus International(SJI) in partnership with Christian Aid and various churches and Christian organisations across the UK. Pentecost Festival is the largest Christian led festival in London and will be running from the 18th-27th May 2012 across central London venues. It attracts thousands of people and showcases what the Church in the UK is all about.

Previous highlights of Pentecost Festival have included; a BBC1 live Pentecost service broadcast at All Saints church Peckham viewed by over a million, a live music stage in Leicester Square for three consecutive years and 16,000 people attending an evening of worship in the O2 arena hosted by Jesus House church, Holy Trinity Brompton Church and Hilsong Church.

In short Pentecost Festival is…..
…arts, music and drama, it’s comedy, sport and film, it’s debates and discussions. Its a celebration of the diverse communities in London and an opportunity for people to discover more about Jesus. It offers something for everyone and everyone is invited regardless of age, faith or cultural background so come along, bring your friends, your congregation and your family and get involved!

What is Pentecost? 
Pentecost is an important event in the Christian calendar that signifies the birth of the Christian church and the coming together of people from various cultural backgrounds to be united by one language and faith.  Pentecost Festival celebrates Pentecost by:
  • Highlighting Pentecost and celebrating the Church’s birthday
  • Representing the multiculturalism and diversity of the Christian faith
  • Taking the Church out of it’s buildings and onto the streets and public places of London
  • Demonstrating God’s priority for justice and compassion

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  1. Pentecost is interesting in that it is the same day kept by Israel in the Old Testament known as the Feast of Weeks. I don't know of any other day shared by the Jews and mainstream Christianity.

    The Feast of Weeks represented first fruits, the early summer harvest, smaller than the fall harvest. Pentecost represents the Church as first fruits to God, and Christians are called first fruits in the New Testament. But if the Church is the first fruits, who are the second fruits or the main harvest to come?