Wednesday, 30 May 2012

More than Gold

More than Gold – Creative & Performing Arts

SJI is the lead agency for the Creative and Performing Arts activities that will be part of More than Gold, the UK Church’s response for the London 2012 Olympics.
The 2012 Olympics gives the UK church an unprecedented opportunity to engage with contemporary culture. More than Gold aims to harness the creativity of the Church, to connect with people around the 2012 Games.
The Creative and Performing Arts team will give local churches and national Christian arts groups an opportunity to serve in the context of mission initiatives including Community festivals and Hospitality Centres.

How can performers and artists get involved?
More Than Gold is producing a list of performers and artists for local churches to book. Those who would like to be included should contact
We are also working on a booking process for international performers. Artists who want to know when this process is ready should contact

How your church can use performers or artists
The ways you can use creative arts to engage with your community include:

1. Buy tickets for the following events
  • Saltmine Theatre Company will tour with  In Their Shoes – a collaboration with a Muslim Theatre Company. The theme is it’s possible to get along with others in spite of our differences. And focuses on a pair of sports trainers the Muslim (Stripe) and Christian (Spot) that neighbours are fighting over. Ideal for primary schools and all age community events. Details at Saltmine Theatre Company
  • Lantern Arts Centre will tour with their version of Dangerous Jouney. In celebration of 2012 Games, the team has revised the classic Bunyan play based on one man’s race. With music by Paul Field, this production is relevant for all ages. Details at Lantern Arts Centre
  • Riding Lights tour nationally between March and June 2012 with Monsieur de Coubertin’s Magnificent Opymlic© Feat! It goes back to the roots of the modern Games, bringing together the company’s church-linked audience with a new audience of people passionate about sport. Do download full details on a PDF click here. Those interesting in hosting should contact!
  • Act 4 have Star Citizen 2012, a record breaking interactive games show for primary schools, community groups and churches. It connects with the 2012 Games by encouraging children to reach for their potential. Details at Act 4
2. Book artists for local events
Click here for the a list of musicians, comedians and theatre groups you could book for your local events in the UK
3. Book international artists
Up to 1,000 performers may be coming from overseas to serve churches free of charge. Priority will be given to churches in host cities and towns including those with official Live Sites.
Churches interested in hosting international guests should contact

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