Monday, 12 November 2012

An encouragement to share food.....There are Lonely People in Your Church

Over the past few years I have become increasingly aware of how many lonely, lost and isolated people are in our churches. And im not talking about the unsaved! All to often we look outside the church and get involved in community projects to express the love of the church that we completely miss the hurting and lonely people sitting around us on a Sunday. From the old lady who has been coming for years, the couple with kids who don\'t know anyone, to the single mum who struggles with her kids, these people need you to invite them around to your house after church, to call them in the week.
Even people who appear to be ok, they to, can feel isolated.

In the first few years, after moving down south, back in 2003, we had so many people around for dinner but what was strange was the number of times we were invited back. After 8 years we can still count on one hand the number of times! For whatever reason the practicalities of being in a family of believers has been lost.


Is this a southern thing or a sign of the economic times where people are busier than ever? Or is it that we have lost the basic principles of expressing Love and fellowship to each other?
There are so many examples where Jesus got off his backside and sat down with people in their homes, sharing a meal.

From the Pharisee leader to Zaccaeus, Jesus expressed love and fellowship by the very simple act of sharing a meal.

I simply encourage you to invite someone new to your house on Sunday, someone outside of your clique.
If you are have been in church for over 20 years, stop for a minute – are you hanging around with the same people as 20 years ago – they will be from the same mould and you need to kick yourself into gear – you are probably not being inclusive….do you walk pass people without acknowledging them?

Sharing a meal, ivitting them to your house, says alot, it says im interested in you, it says you are worth somthing.

Lonely people don’t stick around for to long, listen to their hearts all they need is friendship and love. If we don’t address this fundamental need, Love in the church, all we are is a clanging bell. We may be great at sharing love outside the church but neglect the people that are inside the building.
Over the past few years, Just before Christmas my wife Vicki has arranged collections of food so we could make up hampers for people in need in church and people in the community. What was truly amazing was the responses back from people even in the church. “No one has ever thought of me.”, “I am not used to getting anything”

There are lonely people in your church! what ae you going to do about it?

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